A new gallery space opens in Bushwick on Wilson Ave across from Worship Vintage Clothing. The glass and custom fabricated steel storefront with its unique arched metal door and radically curved mullions, screams a grandiose entrance for an intimate event space. Gallery Petite is small but ultra visible with incredible street exposure on one of Bushwick's most up and coming streets Wilson Ave.
The concept of the gallery was conceived and is directed by Tyrome Tripoli. His intention is to create a dynamic art space space built by a network of curators and organizers in the arts, performance, music, literature, poetry, and social activism.

The gallery is located at the B60 Bus stop at Starr St. This location has a ton of walk by traffic. The space has excellent light from the glass front and there is a window at the back of the space. The space has gallery style spot lighting. One wall is white painted brick the other is drywall. The space is approximately 10 feet wide and 20 feet deep. The ceilings are 10' high. There is door at the back of the space that leads to a small area with a bathroom and utility sink.

The space was created by sculptor, Tyrome Tripoli. This space was once his studio in 2005, back when there was only one art gallery in Bushwick, it was called Ad Hoc Art. Tyrome's current studio is around the corner at 217 Troutman St.
A few years later in 2009, this little space became the birthplace of Kids Canvass, a play and art based preschool founded by Silvia Marinache. Kids Canvass has grown into a full fledge commercial daycare located now on Dekalb at Wilson Ave. It opened in May, 2015.
Now that little garage has been transformed once again. In keeping the theme of creative entrepreneurship, Gallery Petite is an event space for anyone who wants to have a voice in Bushwick, either to show art or to become a patron. Gallery Petite is focused on finding placement for the artist' works that they show. The founder strongly believes that artists need to get rid of their work to make room in their brain and studio to make new work. For most artist making art is the fun part. But if the artist does not have "auction results", its very difficult to sell and their work accumulates. That accumulation hinders the artist's production of new work. Hindering the flow of art making does not make for a better world.
Please call with questions. I'm excited to have the spaced immersed in a diverse flow of creative energy.