“Alien God”
Opening Reception: April 29, Saturday 6-9pm
Gazoo “To The Moon”
Marco Steinburg
MP Landis
Roxanne Jackson
Andy Diaz Hope
Sonomi Kobayashi
Ryan Michael Ford
Dasha Basanova
Tyrome Tripoli
“In the sky………..is a spyyeyeyeye! I want to be more like the oooocean, no talking and all action!” Perry Ferrall.
Why is the concept of God associated with the sky? Because the sun is so fucking important to our existence? It should be and was at one time and will be in the future, but not at this moment. Or maybe starring up into the vast sky, the infinite universe, is innately spiritual? Sounds good but too intrinsic to measure and too metaphysical to take seriously. I may sound even more ridiculous when I say, maybe this whole god concept was never even invented by earth-evolved humans at all.
Instead this very complicated set of “god” genes were planted accidentally or deliberately by extraterrestrial beings from another planet. Which to recount almost every ancient culture, tells the same story. Something flys down from the sky and influences their society drastically. The Sumerian Creation Epic: Lighted beings flying in circular spinning metal discs, came to earth to harvest gold in order to save their planet from destruction. While on earth, they enslaved Neanderthals to extract resources. But these slaves proved to be too primitive and unruly to work effectively, so they cross bred the slaves with their own kind to tame the Neanderthals. Hence a new human and the jump in our evolution. At this point in the story I can't help but to start humming the song by Bad Religion, “early man walked away as modern man took control, their minds were all the same, to conquer was his goal. So he built his great empire and he slaughtered his own kind, then died a confused man, killed himself with his own mind.”
Hence; this whole slave freak out has been apart of our heritage for a long time. The Egyptians probably didn't even invent slavery, instead they were merely shown what they can make using slave labor and it was magnificent. Sold! The genes to be a slave or the tendency to enslave and the genes to worship or to be worshipped, came from another planet. The earth wouldn't do that to itself, that is, evolve the modern human character. It doesn't makes sense. The earth has had a lot of time to make this shit PERFECT, it wouldn't suddenly create such absurdity against itself.
Imagine the disharmony of an ordinary person who is half primitive human and half incomprehensibly evolved alien from another planet. Its ridiculous and not surprising that most contemporary humans are lost. We are suspended between beast and higher than tho. We are between worlds in total disharmony. Humans are neither an animal that blissfully survives the environment nor are we a god, an all knowing being of light, fully resonating in harmony with the energy of the universe.
It's like we've been contaminated with the idea of god but along the way, we've lost the wisdom. We've become incensed enough with the idea of god to be not enlightened but instead very dangerous. “The people of God prey upon the people of earth” Crazy Horse.
It is obvious at this moment, that humans are not in harmony with earth and the other living organisms. We act as though the planet exists for our taking and that we are the chosen species to harvest and exploit the planet, rather than coexist within it.
How did this happen? How could an organism that evolved on earth for 5 billion years and be so disconnected from the earth? I believe this anti-earth DNA came from outside of earth. If it didn't come from aliens cross breeding neanderthals, than the DNA came from a meteorite. The earth suffers but will recover and we are forever tortured slaves stuck between animal and god until we extinct ourselves for good.
The artists in this show make work that I feel is relevant. Like an ongoing conversation I have with a friend, All humans are artists but not all artists are human. Gazoo “To The Moon” reminds us of our mere existence as earthlings and that there are other planets and dreams. Go there! Marco Steinburg 's wall relief work depicts a relic of an alien space texture dug up from the future. MP Landis channels an ancient script that only the survivors of the future can read. Andy Hope's infinitesimally reflected, facetted glass plane forms are future petroglyphs showing us the path back from enlightenment. Matta unearths her alien gene memory with a drawing of space. Giamo, Born on international revolution day, taps into his ancient soul and shows us what that means to be out there. Some of the work in this show plays with the idea ufo conspiracy theory or science fiction. Dasha Basanova perfectly depicts an alien as ET, the movie, but rendered with a Russian sense of humor, whatever that means. Ryan Ford paintings are perfect reminders that the aliens are among us and they are just as curious and quirky as we are. Roxanne Jackson's intensely colored, morphed organisms, a screaming game trophy cherished on the lunch room wall of a hijacked predator space ship. Sonomi Kobayashi carefully renders planetary orbits, depicting its path as a symbol or icon of the infinite future. And me what will I show? Maybe a weird plastic construction or maybe writing this damn statement is my art piece for this show.

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